RIT48 – Part 3

16 hours in!

We have our Craigslist scraper up and running! Things are moving a little faster than expected.

It’s a simple php script that scrapes the XML data from Craigslist and stores it on our server. This lets us get around the crossdomain policy that would otherwise prevent us from using AJAX to get at this data.

Once we have the data, we parse through it with some cool JavaScript regular expressions, and BAM. We now have price, title, and a link to the original post.

Nate’s been working on the logo, and likes what he has so far.




RIT48 – Part 2

RIT48 is coming along fantastically well! We at Team Live Badass have our app idea. It’ll use eBay’s API combined with Craigslist’s RSS functionality to display items you can flip for a profit. We finished some mockups, did some market & legal research, and talked to potential customers. So far, the judges seem to like it. We’re ready to start the build!

trending mockup
Mockup of the Trending page
Settings pane mockup
Mockup of the Settings pane
Individual item page
Individual item page


Go #teamLiveBadass!


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RIT48 Liveblog – First Post!

RIT48 is a competition to plan, design, test, and implement a web startup in under 48 hours. I’m leading a team of 5 to create a gorgeous, user-friendly, awesome site.

Team Members

Sam Hill


Project Manager, Designer

Sam J Hill (WhatInSamHill) on TwitterThe latest from Sam J Hill (@WhatInSamHill). UI Enthusiast. Programmer. Web developer. IT guy

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Noel Dorsey


Portfolio site

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Chris Marasco



Christopher Marasco (cxm6467) on TwitterThe latest from Christopher Marasco (@cxm6467). RIT ’13 | B.S. Information Technology. IT, Sys Admin, Gamer. Rochester, NY

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Nate Mucha


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Alan Marin

Business, Idea man

Alan Marin (ClinkerSAM) on TwitterThe latest from Alan Marin (@ClinkerSAM).

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CSS Reference Site

I’ve been hard at work making a CSS reference website for my web development class. It’s looking great so far!

Notable features:

  • Responsive
  • Uses JSFiddle for code examples
  • Tutorials with code snippets and examples
  • Quizzes that tell you what you got wrong

We have a few more weeks to work on it, and I’ll be posting more as things change. Keep an eye out Friday for my liveblog of RIT48!

The Digital Children’s Book

I’ve been really enjoying my third year at RIT! I recently finished up my first major project in my web development class, and I figured I’d share it.

Link: explore!


I had to make a site focused on a place I enjoy. I had a hard time picking one place, so I looked at the project from a different perspective. I made a guide on local exploration.

I was also not allowed to use any javascript libraries or jQuery. Anything used in the site, with the exception of a few pictures, had to be created by me.


Example of the design concept
Simple design, content-focused.

I tend to have a pretty short attention span when it comes to reading large blocks of text. I chose to have most of the textual information presented in single sentences in the footer. This way, users can flick through the site quickly. I kind of picture it like a digital children’s book.

I chose a minimalist design with fullscreen, high-definition background pictures. I wanted to make it blatantly obvious that the content was the primary focus of the site. Combined with the fact that I couldn’t use jQuery or other libraries, the large images threatened to make the site unusably slow.


Navigation picture

Navigation is pretty standard. I used an unordered list with an ‘active’ class that changes the size of the menu item when it’s active. I chose white text with a slight shadow to make the navigation items stand out even on a light  background.

Users know where they are, it’s simple, and it works.

Future work

The next step for this project is to refine the design and start including libraries to simplify things a bit. Also, I want to fix a bug in my javascript that’s making the page-back function a little wonky. Overall, though, I’m pleased with how this project turned out, and I’m hoping for a good grade.



Otakon 2013

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I went to Otakon 2013! My roommate and I dressed up as characters from Adventure Time. I was Marshall Lee, and she was Fiona. It was so much fun! the convention center in Baltimore was absolutely packed! Every inch of that convention center was filled with interesting people doing cosplays of their favorite cartoons, manga, or anime.

Otakon is a celebration of Japanese entertainment culture, and though I’ve never done anything like it before, I’d gladly attend again.

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